Technologies & Platforms

Over the years, we've worked with a myriad of different technologies and platforms. We are especially experienced with those highlighted below.

CMS & eCommerce

Episerver CMS & Commerce Enterprise Class CMS and eCommerce

Episerver is one of the best .NET-based CMS platforms in existence. Built on top of .NET, and embracing .NET best practices and methodologies, it provides an extremely stable and robust foundation that can be used for the most demanding applications.

Shopify Simple, Cost Effective, SaaS eCommerce

Shopify provides a simple and cost effective platform to sell things online. Because Shopify is a SaaS (Software as a Service), there are no additional server or hosting costs to worry about (CDN support is also built in!). Implementation times are typically very rapid, and the flexibility of the liquid templating engine is incredible.

Jekyll Simple & Free Static Site Generator

Jekyll makes it incredibly easy and cheap to setup and maintain static sites. The software itself is completely free, and hosting can also be free under certain circumstances. Because Jekyll generates static HTML, it's incredibly fast and efficient. Perfect for micro sites and blogs. Believe it or not, this site is actually built using Jekyll :)

Front-End Libraries & Frameworks

Zurb Foundation
Zurb Foundation Excellent Light-Weight Responsive Framework

Light-weight, fast, and built for the modern web. Foundation is a fantastic responsive HTML framework that is our go to for all new projects. As a side note, this site is built using Foundation :)

Twitter Bootstrap
Twitter Bootstrap The Granddaddy of Responsive Frameworks

The venerable Twitter Bootstrap is still a great choice for projects where legacy browser support is important. The original "grid system" HTML framework.

Mustache Simple Web Templates

Perfect for injecting a JSON response from an API into HTML. Light-weight, flexible and super fast.

jQuery The Ubiquitous JavaScript Library

One of the most important pieces of technology to happen to the Web. Although many newer browsers now support many of jQuery's features in native JavaScript, it's still an excellent resource to keep in your toolkit.

Sass The Sassiest of all CSS Extension Languages

Why write vanilla CSS when you can use an extension language like Sass? Makes CSS maintenance far easier and less error prone.

Browersync Synchronized Browser Testing

Using Browsersync changes the way developers work with their code. A real time saver.

Build Systems, Package Managers, Source Code Management

Visual Studio
Visual Studio The Best IDE on the Planet

Visual Studio has come a long way since it's inception. It's now extremely standards compliant, and even runs on Linux and Mac OS X!

NPM The Defacto Package Manager for JavaScript

Download JavaScript packages with ease, essential in a modern build system.

Bower A Package Manager for all Things Web

Download HTML frameworks, JavaScript libraries, anything really. Very handy as part of a modern build system.

Gulp An Incredibly Robust Build Workflow System

Gulp rocks! Automate your build tasks, save time, be more productive.

Nuget Package Management For .NET

Nuget changed .NET development. Supremely important for modern solutions.

Git Source Code Management at it's Finest

Nothing else compares to git, we've tried them all CVS, SVN, TFS, but git still reigns supreme!

API Development

Postman Amazing REST API Test Suite

Using Postman we can rapidly build, test and validate APIs. Incredible tool for any API builder.

SOAP UI Veteran Web Service Test Suite

Great test tool for SOAP based services. It's been around forever and is very mature. Fantastic SaaS Load Testing for APIs

How will an API perform under load? Let's find out shall we. Validates API infrastructure, performance and response times.


Google Analytics
Google Analytics Incredibly Robust Free Analytics

One of the best analytics platforms around. It also happens to be free. Everyone should be using it.

Segment Easy to Implement Analytics Foundation

Awesome analytics foundation. Easily plugs into other platforms so you can do more with your analytics data.

Mixpanel Slice and Dice User Data with Ease

What are specific users up to? This SaaS analytics platform lets you do more with the data you've collected.