The <RB> Difference

After working in Web for almost 15 years we decided to go our own way and do things different. In a nutshell, we believe the most important considerations for our clients are: honesty, transparency, and quality.

Source Code Transparency

We pride ourselves on being excessively transparent with the code that we write. Your code will be stored in a private git repository that you can access at any time. You can track our progress and view every checkin if you desire. If you wish to contribute, we're happy to work with your development teams. Bottom line, you always have access to your code.

Honest Billing

After working for firms that pressured the developers to "round up" to the nearest hour, we decided to do things differently. We bill on 15 minute intervals and with the utmost integrity. We'll always provide a detailed work-log with each invoice, giving you the peace of mind that you're never being over-billed.


Each of our developers are true veterans in the industry with 10+ years of experience. We were sick of working in assembly lines that crank out junk code, forcing large rewrites when updates are required. We build solid foundational code that can be more easily updated and maintained.

Full Stack Developers

Having separate front-end and back-end teams creates problems, trust us we've worked under these circumstances enough to know! Each of our developers is full stack, handling both front-end and back-end code with ease. Need to have somebody change the data structure for an API request, no problem! That same person would be more than happy to tweak the visuals and layout of site as well!

Standard Frameworks

Sick of wading through proprietary front-end code? We feel your pain. We'll always recommending using an HTML framework (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.) to make things easier to maintain and modify. We'll also provide you with a style guide to maintain consistency throughout the site.

Excellent Documentation

Yeah, we know it's mind numbing... but documentation is incredibly important. Did we build an API for you? You'll get full detailed documentation on how the API works. The request/response objects, response codes, HTTP headers, the whole nine yards.